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Growth hacking is a mind set

I'm able to deliver real results in a number of different growth hacking initiatives. You tell me what are your goals and I will create a Growth Hacking Strategy, following the Growth Hacking methodology, that will bring you results that you and your team can easily implement.

Tier 1: GrowthBites

For early stage startups with limited financial capabilities, I offer a two-hour intensive, single topic consultation driven by the major pain-point of your startup. This flash consultation has a very specific target: to introduce the growth hacking mindset to your startup's team and to describe the topics and funnels that they should be examining at their present phase of corporate development.

Tier 2: Pure Growth Consulting

If you are a startup with a 'hands-on' oriented culture, I can help you align your metrics with objectives and targets, understand/clarify your pain points, measure your current status, define your growth action plan and KPIs, and introduce you to growth hacking. I make sure that your growth project stays the course, adjusts and corrects its course when necessary and delivers the results as per your strategic targets and objectives.

Tier 3: Growth Consulting with Implementation Deliverables

If you are a startup or a company that outsources part of its IT and Web operations, this tier is for you. I can work with your existing setup to define and deliver specific results for specific pain points and/or business targets. In addition to consulting with you on Growth and managing the project, I will implement the agreed Growth Action Plan, keeping you constantly updated on the results and performing all the necessary actions to achieve the desired result.

Tier 4: Full Outsourcing of Growth and New Business Development

If you are a startup in need of experienced Growth Hacker, I propose that you off-load the Growth and Business Development roles to me. Depending on your present situation, I design, propose and implement different strategies and tactics. If, for instance, you need to prove tangible traction for your product or service with specific and measurable targets, I will propose (and implement) measurable ways to achieve these targets. If you want to test your product-market fit, I will come back with a data-backed action plan to do just that, and show you the results.

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