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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Consulting

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Consulting

Leverage my expertise to create and implement a sustainable strategy for driving more traffic from Google
I can help you navigate the science of getting top rankings for your website on Google

Search engines are the single-most popular way to find information, products, and services in today's world. If you are not top-ranked on Google, you are literally giving prospects directly to your competitors.

5 ways I can help you profit from top search engine rankings:

SEO strategy.

I can help you create a cohesive strategy for earning top rankings in Google's organic search results.

Onsite audit.

I'll review your website and deliver a detailed report of content and technical changes that should be made.

Link and social strategy.

I can help you leverage your unique strengths to earn social shares and backlinks, which will translate to increased rankings.

Penalty analysis.

Think you've been hit by Panda, Penguin, or another penalty? I'll review the available data, determine what I believe the issue is, and provide you a roadmap to resolve the issue.

Better rankings.

My objective is to get you better rankings and make your website more profitable.

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