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Google Adwords Consulting & Optimization

Google Adwords Consulting & Optimization

Discover how I can make Google Adwords more profitable for your company.

When you use Google Adwords to drive traffic and sales for your company, you need measurable results. You need to know what return you are getting for your time and money spent. As Google continuously develops the Adwords program, it has become more and more complex, requiring a high level of expertise to achieve the maximum results for your advertising dollars. I'm a Google partner and follow Google's third party policy.

I measure and optimize over 50 factors to drive maximum ROI from every Google Adwords campaign I work on.

6 ways I can help make your company's campaigns more profitable:

Keyword Selection.

Choosing keywords determines the portion of the customer life cycle in which your business finds customers. Do you need to find customers in the research stage, comparison stage, buying stage, or all three? Finding keywords that your competitors overlook will help you gain an edge they don't have.

Cost & Budget Optimization.

Through skilled management and optimization of your Quality Score, our Adwords specialists can make your ads rank higher, while costing you less per click. Lower click costs means lower cost per conversion, which translates to more profits!

Increased conversions.

When a visitor reaches your website, it's their first interaction with your company. By working hard to maximize your conversion rates, site profitability, and site monetization, I can help grow your profits.

Enhanced targeting.

Properly targeting your ads and landing pages can be crucial to the success of your Adwords campaign. I use the Feature Benefit Matrix to determine the optimum landing page for each keyword in your account.

Smarter decisions.

I can help setup, collect and interpret your campaign-related data, enabling you to make smart, profitable decisions. The difference between a good campaign and a great campaign is usually how well you use analytics and data.


When you're looking for metrics-driven AdWords optimization that is aggressive, data-driven, and strategic, I'm the man you're looking for. My approach will always be, "What else can I do to improve results?" never, "What is the minimum I must do to appease the client?"


The AdWords optimization starts at €500 per month for ongoing campaign optimization. AdWords consulting is €100 per hour. I also offer pay-for-performance services on some accounts with a minimum ad spend of €2,000/month.

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